Di Raimondo specialises in the manufacture and distribution of soil working, sowing and fertiliser equipment-distribution equipment for the agricultural sector.

The Di Raimondo brand is one of the top three brands in the agricultural sector in Italy, not only thanks to the high reliability and effectiveness of its products but also thanks to the great advantages offered by the machines it manufactures in terms of comfort and safety of users.

The company operates in different sectors:

Manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment to prepare the land for sowing such as spring-loaded tine cultivators, hydropneumatic TILLER cultivators, COMBI type cultivators.

Manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment to plough, break-up, subsoil and air the soil such as ploughs, hydropneumatic ploughs, rigid subsoilers, hydraulic subsoilers, tillers and scarifiers.

Manufacture of equipment to finely break up and level the land such as harrows and tine rollers.

Manufacture of all-purpose machinery and equipment such as equipment trailers.

Manufacture of machinery and equipment to clear any type of land such as the stone picker and rock picker, and rear bins for the collection of stones and rocks.